Facebook Integration

Ziggeo's integration with Facebook allows recorded videos to be directly played, shared and liked on Facebook.

What is Ziggeo's Facebook Integration?

Ziggeo can be used to embed videos into Facebook feeds so that videos themselves show up within feeds (rather than just a link to videos).

How it Works

  • Use our hosted video pages to embed recorded videos right into Facebook
  • Our player integrates with Facebook so videos can be viewed on others' facebook feeds
  • On Facebook, videos can be liked and shared so they can go viral
  • On Ziggeo's dashboard, we will aggregate the likes and shares so you'll be able to track the virality of your content

Moderate Prior to Sharing

Before allowing videos to be shared on Facebook feeds, you can moderate them so only selected videos may be shared.

  • Moderate videos right from your moderation dashboard
  • Approve or reject videos
  • Approved videos can be configured to be automatically part of the batch of videos that may be "liked" or shared via Facebook feeds

Here's is a snapshot of the moderation dashboard:

Moderation Dashboard

Tracking Likes and Shares

Via Ziggeo's dashboard, you'll be given an accounting of "likes" and "shares".

Attach Bug Prior to Facebook Page

You may want to attach a bug (that is, a logo or brand) to your video prior to sharing via Facebook.