WebHooks are a great way of getting a notification when something happens without having your system checking for the same all of the time. The most common usage of this would be how PayPal and other payment solutions notify you about the payment being made through their IPN setups.

There are many other places where this is used, however for most this happens behind the scenes and is not something that you would see.

The best way to describe it would be that it is a call made by our server to your server. This call also includes valuable data upon which your server can react in the way you want it to.

Another way to see them is as if they are events that fire on your server when some special action happens with the video. That way you can always know when your code is need to react to the same and accomplish something for you.

You will need to set the webhooks through your account dashboard. Once set, we will make 2 different calls.

  1. A call to make sure that the URL you set is reachable. We expect status response of 200
  2. A call with the validation code that you need to reply back to us with

Once these 2 steps are done, you are all set.

The first call will send you two properties First is ziggeo_validation which will be set as true and second is a message property.

The second call will send you ziggeo_validation so that you can recognize that these are validation steps. It will however also include validation_code property which you should return. Next to it you will see webhook_id however that is only for you to keep if you want to.

Benefit of webhook is that:

  1. you specify which file you want us to contact / send notice to
  2. you specify the format in which this happens
  3. you specify if all or only one or few webhooks are fired
  4. resource friendly for your server
  5. instant notification