Ziggeo Events

Here are the latest events, conferences, workshops, and talks we participated in — details below.

Founder helps emcee the Machine Intelligence Summit

Summer, 2018, Berlin, Germany

Our founder works the crowd as one of the emcees of the Machine Intelligence Summit.

Founder hosts Women in Tech Session

Summer, 2018, Berlin, Germany

Ziggeo's founder, Susan Danziger, hosting the Women in Tech Session at Tech Open Air

Female Change-Makers Dinner

Summer, 2018, Berlin, Germany

Susan Danziger, founder of Ziggeo, hosts and emcees the Female Change-Makers Evening

Wear it Festival

Summer, 2018, Berlin, Germany

Susan Danziger, Ziggeo founder, hosts Wear It Berlin -- Women in Tech Session featuring Insight Talks curated by Susan plus Power Circles

Ideas Bubble Up at the 2018 Fizzy Salon

Summer, 2018, Berlin, Germany

Founder of Ziggeo hosts a salon for founders and funders

Founder Facilitates TOA Power Circles

Summer, 2018, Hannover, Germany

TOA Power Circles -- Susan Danziger, Ziggeo Founder, facilitates power circles with women sharing stories, giving advice and bolstering each other up.

Founder Keynotes at CEBIT

Spring, 2018, Hannover, Germany

Ziggeo Founder, Susan Danziger, a Startup Keynote speaker at CEBIT

Video Award Win at API Awards Ceremony 2017

Fall, 2017, San Francisco

Ziggeo was awarded "Best Video and Music API" at API World 2017

Founder Hosts Special VIP Brunch

Summer, 2017, Berlin

VIP Brunch hosted by Ziggeo Founder was a big hit among other founders and investors

CEO keynotes Machine Intelligence Summit

Summer, 2017, Berlin

Our CEO keynotes the MI Summit in Berlin her tale on Universal Basic Income and how it may inspire founders of startups

Dirty Little Startup Secrets

Summer, 2017, Berlin

Our CEO reveals secrets to successful startups all founders need to hear... and they're not what you'd expect

Female Founders Dinner 2017

Summer, 2017, Berlin

Ziggeo founder co-hosts second female founders dinner

Our Presentation at Developer Week 2017

Summer, 2017, Brooklyn, New York

Ziggeo Founder Susan Danziger delivered what was described by one insider as "the most engaging talk of Developer Week."

Vizions Conference - Video's Triumphant Rise

Spring, 2017, Berlin

Ziggeo's founder participates this panel discussion.

Vizions Conference - Flipping The Business Model

Spring, 2017, Berlin

Ziggeo's founder explains how she turned Ziggeo's competitors into customers.

Vizions Conference - The Future of Video

Spring, 2017, Berlin

Ziggeo's founder debuts case study that proves impact of video on engagement.

Founder Present at University of Rochester TEDx

Spring, 2017, Rochester, NY

Ziggeo's founder makes her TEDx debut.

We Launched Successful Video Hack Day 3

Spring, 2017, New York

Video Hack Day 3, organized by Ziggeo, gathered hundreds of professionals in NYC to be the future of video.

Hack N Tell

Winter, 2017, New York

Founder/CTO of Ziggeo, Oliver Friedmann presented at Hack 'N Tell 41. He demoed a Slack Bot for Multi Person Authorization.

Our Founder presents at Dublin Tech Summit

Winter, 2017, Dublin

Ziggeo founder speaks at Dublin Tech Summit about a world where all content is video

Presenting Video Tech at AWS re:Invent

Winter, 2016, Las Vegas

Ziggeo founder talks about Ziggeo at AWS re:Invent

Our Founder speaks at API Strat Conference

Fall, 2016, Boston

Ziggeo's founder, Susan Danziger, was the keynote speaker of the API Strategy + Practice Conference.

Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon

Summer, 2016, San Francisco

Ziggeo sponsored TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon, an enormous hackathon held in San Francisco, CA.

Video Award Win at API Awards Ceremony 2016

Fall, 2016, San Francisco

Ziggeo was awarded Best Music/Video API

Founder Demos Video Tech at API World 2016

Fall, 2016, San Francisco

Ziggeo's founder shows off video technology after having accepted awards for "best video and music API" at at API World

API World Hackathon 2016

Fall, 2016, San Francisco

Ziggeo CEO judges hacks at API World hackathon

Women Entrepreneurs Network

Fall, 2016, Rye, NY

Ziggeo's founder Susan Danziger gives a talk on startups.

SmartCEO Awards Ceremony

Summer, 2016, New York

Ziggeo's CEO Susan Danziger honored as top female CEO in New York

Founder Takes Big Stage at Tech Open Air

Summer, 2016, Berlin

Ziggeo founder gives talk at TOA, revealing life as a video tech founders, secrets to launching a successful business and show to continually innovate.

Female Founders Dinner 2016

Summer, 2016, Berlin

Ziggeo founder Susan Danziger hosts first female founders dinner, bringing together a community of powerful women.

Founder hosts Meetings In Berlin for other Founders

Summer, 2016, Berlin

Meeting up with founders in Berlin, our founder is impressed with the burgeoning startup scene there

Cornell Entrepreneurship Summit

Spring, 2016, Ithaca

Ziggeo founder keynotes Cornell Entrepreneurship Summit

Disruptive Technologists in NYC

Winter, 2016, New York

Ziggeo founders demonstrate its video technology by engaging the audience with surprising results; the wow factor is huge!

CTO talks Video Tech at Fluent Conference

Spring, 2016, San Francisco

Ziggeo's CTO gives talk at Fluent on how to implement video recording/playback across all browsers in JavaScript

Founder honored by Forty over Forty

Fall, 2015, New York

Celebration honored present and past recipients of Forty Over 40 (Ziggeo founder named one)

New York Video Meetup

Spring, 2016, New York

Ziggeo's founders present at the New York Video Meetup 2016

Woman of Influence Awards

Winter, 2016, New York

Ziggeo founder named Woman of Influence 2016

Hack N Tell

Winter, 2016, New York

Ziggeo founder presents a brand new hack developed on his off lungs at Hack 'N Tell 36

Founders Demo Video Tech at NY Tech Meetup

Summer, 2016, New York

Ziggeo's two co-founders present its latest award-winning video tech to an audience of 800.

Female Founder Fizzy Salon

Periodic, 2015-2016, New York

Ziggeo founder hosts Fizzy Salons for powerful women

Presenting Video Solutions at New York Tech Day

Spring, 2015, New York

Ziggeo sets up booth at New York Tech Day.

Founders Present Video Tech at Hack the North

Fall, 2014, Waterloo, Ontario

Ziggeo founders on hand at Hack the North to tutor student in intricacies of video tech.

Video Tech Sponsors at M Hacks

Fall, 2014, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ziggeo's founders, Oliver Friedmann and Susan Danziger were on hand presenting at M Hacks, University of Michigan's hackathon.

We Launched Second Video Hack Day

Spring, 2016, New York

Video Hack Day 2 was an enormous success.

We Organized First Video Hack Day

Spring, 2015, New York

Ziggeo was spearheading the first annual Video Hack Day in New York City.