Ziggeo's video API featuring video recording; video playback; transcoding, streaming, and hosting.

Video Recording

  • Embedded Video-Recording using Webcams and Smartphone Cams
  • Users can upload their own videos as well
  • Rerecording can be configured
  • Users can select their favorite cover shot
  • Sound indicator indicates if sound is loud enough
  • Light indicator indicates if there's enough light
  • Outline of face can guide proper positioning of face
  • Supports WebRTC (fallback to Flash + mobile native in-browser recordings)
  • Supports Cordova / PhoneGap

Video Playback

  • Embedded Video-Playback
  • All recorded videos can be played back immediately
  • Only the videos you want to make available can be accessed
  • Lightning-fast worldwide Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Cross Browser, Cross Platform

  • Works on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer
  • Works on Mobile Safari, Chrome and Opera
  • Works natively on iOS and Android
  • Works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS
  • Language support for English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and many more languages

Hosting, Transcoding and Streaming

  • We take care of all the heavy-lifting
  • Hosted on AWS to maximize scalability
  • We host and transcode all videos
  • We stream all videos back to the clients
  • Transcoding to different resolutions
  • Support for automatically pushing the video content to S3 / FTP / Dropbox / Box / Google Drive
  • You can download all videos files and resolutions

Easy Integration and Styling

  • Both player and recorder can be embedded and configured by a single html tag
  • JavaScript events let you know when a video has been recorded and many other things
  • Both player and recorder can be styled and branded by you with CSS
  • WebHooks let your server know when a video has been recorded

Want to play around with different configurations? Try the Sandbox.

Premium Security

  • Only users that you entitle to watch, record or rerecord videos can perform these actions
  • Easy-to-use cryptographic token api allows you to specify the granularity of permissions precisely

All the SDKs you need

  • Server SDKs for Java, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby and Python
  • Web Client JavaScript API
  • Mobile Client SDKs for iOS and Android

Managing the content

  • A versatile dashboard lets you organize all the videos
  • Event logs to track activities and stages of your videos
  • Permission settings
  • Invite colleagues to your video dashboard
  • Tag videos so they are easily searchable
  • Mark which videos you want approved or rejected
  • Rate videos


  • You can automatically upload videos to Youtube and Vimeo right from your dashboard
  • Direct integration with Heroku
  • Hosts customizable subpages for each
  • Add custom domains from your servers for our subpages


Backend Analysis

After-Recording Effects

  • Convert videos to black and white
  • Add Instagram-like filters for fun/artistic effects
  • Add custom logos and overlays to videos

Hosted Pages

  • Ziggeo Pages allow you to get up and running quickly
  • Ziggeo Pages provides a hosted solution for your site