About Ziggeo

Ziggeo powers videos everywhere. We've developed the leading asynchronous video recording/playback technology. Our set of APIs and SDKs lets you easily capture, curate and manage user-generated and professional videos.

Meet Our Founders

We handle

  • Video recording / upload of videos (no downloading of apps required)
  • Playback of videos across all devices/browsers
  • Hosting / storage of videos
  • Server-side SDKs available

Our features

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Management and moderation dashboard
  • Video recorder integrates right into your site / platform (change look/feel for seamless integration)
  • WebRTC

For Private Video Submissions

  • Videos remain securely private
  • Share with only those with permission
  • Tag or rate videos via our dashboard

For Videos You Want Made Public

  • Videos submitted privately and feature the ones you love
  • Brand videos with logos or overlays
  • Launch selected videos automatically to YouTube
  • Integration with Facebook so videos can be shared via individual feeds
  • Convert videos to black/white or add Instagram-like filters
  • Automatic tagging of keywords

It's easy to use

  • Just a few lines of code
  • Use our Ziggeo Pages to test out and launch
  • Integrate natively on iOS and Android