Ziggeo Cheat Sheet

Looking for Ziggeo's cheat sheet? This document will help you quickly start using and deploy Ziggeo beginning with signing up and "Hello World" to deploying and playing around with Ziggeo.

Sign up for Ziggeo. It's free.

  • Go to Sign up
  • Enter your email address + password.
  • Go to your inbox and click on the confirm link (your account won't work otherwise!).
  • Go to the Ziggeo dashboard and click on the application details.
  • Copy the application token.

Hello World

Create a basic index.html and make sure to put in your application token. Copy and paste this code:

   <!DOCTYPE html>
     <link rel="stylesheet" href="//assets.ziggeo.com/v2-stable/ziggeo.css" />
     <script src="//assets.ziggeo.com/v2-stable/ziggeo.js"></script>
     <script>var ziggeoApp = new ZiggeoApi.V2.Application({token: "APPLICATION_TOKEN_HERE"});</script>
     <!-- <ziggeoplayer ziggeo-video="VIDEO_TOKEN_HERE"></ziggeoplayer> -->


Put it on a webserver (either locally or in the Internet; it won't work by just opening the file in your browser), e.g.:

  • Run php -S localhost:8080 in your folder and open http://localhost:8080 in your browser
  • Via Apache locally: See here
  • Via any other webserver technologies
  • On Firebase: See here
  • On Git Pages: See here

Play around

  • Serve up the page and record yourself.
  • Go to your dashboard on Ziggeo and open the video list. Click on the video and copy the video token.
  • Go back to your html file, uncomment the commented line and replace the token by the video token.
  • You should now be able to watch the video.

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