Your Ziggeo Dashboard offers you insight into everything that happens with your Ziggeo account. Next to information, you also have access to media captured as well as the ways to set it all up.

To help you find everything you need and how to set things up, you can follow through our documentation.

Application Analytics will allow you to see insight into what happens with your media.

We have created many different views based on your feedback and all of these are explained here.

Manage pages of your application offer you the ability to fine tune your Ziggeo applications.

Controlling who has access, who gets notifications, how media is processed or where is sent, and so much more, all is defined here.

To see all of our docs on Manage part of your application head here.

Do you want to add your videos to a page that is hosted and do not have a website? Maybe you have a website however want something that can be done in two minutes?

Beat your competitors by providing your clients with a mobile ready video form while others have prepared pen and paper or just finished dictating their email address.

It is also a great and easy way to provide a video form proof of concept.

All that and so much more is explained on our Hosted Pages docs.

Profiles are very powerful and while usually found under Manage section, they got their own category in this case. They offer options from those that are cool to those that will change how your videos are presented.

All of the profiles we offer are described and documented on the following page.