Our dashboard provides you with the Auth Tokens page to easily create any number of auth tokens that you need.

As you create them in your app, the auth tokens are immedaitely available for use as per your setup. They are great to allow you to add more refined control over your content and actions someone can do around the same.

Now there are 2 types of auth tokens. Server side auth tokens and client side auth tokens. The dashboard allows you to set only the server side auth tokens, and these tokens look just like the video or app token looks.

Auth Tokens Editor

The auth tokens are very simple to create and here are few helpful details to get you started.

A session for auth token happens once per page load. So if you refresh the page, you will have 2 sessions. If you refresh 5 times, that would be 5 sessions.

  • This is by default and there are certain ways that can be used to resume the same session however this requires additional implementation

So if you want to create a 1 time auth token, your sessions field would be set to 1.

The expiration of auth token is pretty straight forward as the name suggests the date you set is when the auth token will stop from working. This is good to be used since that allows your auth tokens to expire after some time, so even if you gave someone the auth token, they would not be able to use it after some time.

Following this is another expiration time, however this time is time within the session. We suggest to be a bit more careful when setting this one since it could cause issues for you.

For example, if you set this to have every session expire after 5 minutes and your recorder is set to record up to 5 minutes, it means that after around 4 minutes into recording it will no longer be possible to continue uploading the videos.

This is because session will start as soon as our system gets loaded in, so 5 minutes might be enough time to record 1 minute video, if they start soon and do not do any re-recordings of the video.

So ideally you will want to take into account these times and workflows and add some extra time. For example having it expire after 1 hour would make sense for smaller videos.

Now next we have grants. They are great to set what exactly is possible to do with this auth token. To see more about the grants you should check out our Auth Tokens docs.