Event page is a great way for you to have an insight into your application and what is happening there. If you are listening to webhooks, then these would match one another, however if you are not using webhooks this will allow you to check the events out directly in the dashboard.

Different events fire at different times, and there are different types of events, so the filter at the top will help you filter it out.

Events Page: Application Events

Since for single video a large number of events gets captured, this type of information is temporal or said differently it will not be available in your account for very long time.

This is however helpful if for example some video did not get pushed to one of your integrations as you can just change the type field to video_stream_push_failed and see if there are any events captured with that type.

Since there are many types of events we will not list all of them here. Instead, we suggest checking the ones you think might be interesting to you and to either inspect the data you see in the Events page for it, or to reach out to our support team to provide you with more info.

As these events are quite similar to the webhook events, it might also be good for you to check out the list of available webhooks which also has some short description about each.