The Overview page is often the first page you will see when you go to your app for the first time.

It will show you very simple overview of your page and also include very important information - the tokens.

The page will show you the name of the app and its description. When you have only one app, this might not be as useful info as it might be when you have several apps for different websites and / or for different environments.

Once you create your account you will immediately have one application that is named "default".

Overview Page: App Name and Description

  • Please note that you can change these at any time through Manage section of your application.

Following the name and description of your app are few boxes that represent the very simple overview of your app. It will tell you the name of the account that owns the application, the number of videos and the playback of those videos.

Overview Page: Simple Stats

If you are looking for more information about the usage of your application, you might want to check the Stats page, or the Analytics page.

  • Please note that Analytics page might not be shown to you depending on the plan you are on.

The tokens segment is very important. It holds 3 tokens that you will need to integrate your Ziggeo application with your code or service.

There are 3 types of these main tokens:

  1. Application token
  2. Private Key
  3. Encryption Key

Overview Page: Tokens

The application token is designed to be shared on your website and with others. It is similar to your Facebook pixel or the Google Analytics token, etc. As it is designed to be public, there is no difference if you were to post this token in your text, app or use it on your server.

The Private Key and Encryption Key are a bit different. They are not something you would want to share with anyone.

With the Private and Encryption Keys you are able to do anything within your account. This means that anyone that has this info can do anything you can do through the SDK.

  • Please note that with these keys it would not allow anyone to access your dashboard as you, just to use the SDKs or direct calls as if they were you, which limits their access to the specific application.

Your Private key will be needed for you in only 2 cases:

  1. If you are using any of our Server Side SDKs
  2. If you are using cURL or Postman or any other such service where you are directly in contact with our server side API
  • If you are using mobile app, it is not suggested to add Private nor Encryption Keys to your app. The apps can be easily unpacked and read to see the code within, meaning that anyone could gain access to your tokens.

The Encryption Key is actually only used when working with auth tokens. If you are not using that, then you do not need to provide the Encryption key to our SDKs or system.