There are many different things that you can do to your media as it reaches the servers.

What would you do? How could you do it? Well that is answered by the use of profiles.

We currently offer:

  1. Video Profiles
  2. Effect Profiles
  3. Meta Profiles

Each offers different set of possibilities for you, your service and your customers.

Video profiles are the best at setting up what resolutions should your videos end up with. Want to have HD and SD resolutions? Maybe have multiple of each?

Well this is possible with video profiles. Much more actually through its expert settings.

This is all explained on our Video Profiles docs pages.

Effect Profiles are great for adding watermarks to your videos.

What do watermarks mean for you? This is what our customers use them as:

  • logo / bug / branding
  • Video mask
  • Ways to obscure the video

What would you use it for?

Effect Profiles can also be used to modify your videos with some effect. We have many Instagram like effects that you can choose from.

This is all covered on our Effect Profiles docs pages.

Meta Profiles are very different from the other two types of profiles. They do not make any changes to your videos however unlike them, they add the data next to your videos.

They can help with different things, from grabbing spoken text, to analyzing what happens in your videos to seeing if people are wearing clothing.

Yup, you read that right, and you can see more about this on our Meta Profiles docs pages.