Effect profiles allow you to add effects and apply them to your recorded and uploaded videos. You can create and remove effect profiles from your Ziggeo dashboard as well as through our API. Here we will talk about the same being done through the dashboard.

Note that no effect profiles are applied by default. You have to add an effect profile to your recorder. This is easy and Ziggeo allows you to add effect profiles to your embeddings. You can add single or multiple effect profiles to your recordings. Likewise you can set which effects are shown during playback. All can be done very simply with a single line of code.

Remember that with tokens, you just copy and paste them as they are. With keys, you must prefix them with underscore. So if your key is my_awesome_key, you would use it in your embedding as _my_awesome_key.

  <ziggeorecorder ziggeo-effect-profile='EFFECT_PROFILE_TOKEN'></ziggeorecorder>

Where EFFECT_PROFILE_TOKEN is either your effect profile key, or token.

You can also apply multiple effect profiles to your recorder to have different versions of the recording:

  <ziggeorecorder ziggeo-effect-profile='EFFECT_PROFILE_TOKEN1,EFFECT_PROFILE_TOKEN2'></ziggeorecorder>

Where EFFECT_PROFILE_TOKEN1 and EFFECT_PROFILE_TOKEN2 are the keys or tokens or your effect profiles.

We understand that sometimes you might actually want your customers to preview the video only after the watermark or effect has been applied to your videos. In such cases you can use the following approach:

  <ziggeorecorder ziggeo-effect-profile='EFFECT_PROFILE_TOKEN' ziggeo-preview-effect-profile='EFFECT_PROFILE_TOKEN'></ziggeorecorder>

Where EFFECT_PROFILE_TOKEN is your effect profile key, or token. While multiple can be specified in effect-profile parameter, only one can be set in the preview-effect-profile parameter. Of course it needs to be one of the set effect profiles.

Once the video has been recorded using some effect profile or profiles (as shown above), the videos with the same become available. During the playback we will call out for the stream with that specific profile of interest being applied. We will do it in a very similar way we did above in recorder.

  <ziggeoplayer ziggeo-video='VIDEO_TOKEN' ziggeo-effect-profile='EFFECT_PROFILE_TOKEN'></ziggeoplayer>