Integrating Ziggeo video player and video recorder elements into your website is rather easy. What you need is the following:

  1. Add 3 header lines into your <head> element.
  2. Decide which embedding method works best for you (we will show you examples and pros and cons of each).
  3. Decide if you need any specific parameters that you would use in your embedding.

For the header, three simple lines are all you need. However if you need a specific client-side setup to be active for your embeddings, you might want to add few more. Please see all details for the integration in the header here.

Adding video has never been easier. We offer several embedding methods for you to chose from, each having its own values over the other.

To decide which one is best for you, please check out our Embedding Methods section.

Every parameter for every occasion. We know that having an easy way to add videos to your website is great and that sometimes you want to make that easy and per specific design. For that reason we have a list of parameters for you to check out and see what works for you best.

You can do that by checking out our Embedding Parameters section.

At some point you might decide that you not only want to have a great working video player (single, playlist, videowall or gallery) and recorder (recorder or uploader) you also want to have them in your or your clients local language, or the targeted language(s) most common on your platform.

Well with Ziggeo as it is always, it is easy to do it and we will show you how in the Localization section of our docs. To see them just head to Localization (l10n) section.