Webhooks are great to know what is happening by simply listening on your server for things to happen. See bellow how you can use our API in regards to webhooks.

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  • create
    Create a new webhook for the given url to catch the given events.
    ZiggeoSdk.Webhooks.create(arguments, [callbacks])
    1. target_url The url that will catch the events
    2. encoding Data encoding to be used by the webhook to send the events.
    3. events Comma-separated list of the events the webhook will catch. They must be valid webhook type events.
    This method returns string
  • confirm
    Confirm a webhook using its ID and the corresponding validation code.
    ZiggeoSdk.Webhooks.confirm(arguments, [callbacks])
    1. webhook_id Webhook ID that's returned in the creation call.
    2. validation_code Validation code that is sent to the webhook when created.
    This method returns string
  • delete
    Delete a webhook using its URL.
    ZiggeoSdk.Webhooks.destroy(arguments, [callbacks])
    1. target_url The url that will catch the events
    This method returns string