Ziggeo's Angular SDK is the ultimate video recording/playback SDK out there for Angular.

Ziggeo's Angular JavaScript SDK is managed publicly on GitHub here.

You can find a demo application on Github as well.

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  • Install all peerDependencies (Angular). No need for ziggeo-client-sdk as it's already a dependency of this package.

  • Install all dependencies via npm install

  • For UMD use, you can include ZiggeoModule from ziggeo-angular package directly. Example: import {ZiggeoModule} from 'angular-ziggeo'

  • For AOT ready need to include directly from path. Example: import { ZiggeoModule } from 'root_path/node_modules/angular-ziggeo/build/ziggeo/index'

  • For production and AOT mode (starting from Angular 5), add to .angular-cli.json or angular.json:

        "styles": [
        "scripts": [
  • For older versions with Webpack, please add tovendor file:

      import 'ziggeo-client-sdk/build/ziggeo.css';
      import 'ziggeo-client-sdk/build/ziggeo.js';
  • Start server with ng serve, and add parameters --prod for production and --aot for AOT.

See our working demos for Angular 5 as well as for Angular 2+4.


Change logs:

  • v2.2.2
    Added missing header configurations: webrtc_on_mobile, webrtc_streaming_if_necessary, debug and google_analytics

    Example: `[options]="{'webrtc_streaming_if_necessary': true}"`
  • v2.1.0

    1. Took Ziggeo Instance also out of Angular Ziggeo
  • v2.0.0

    1. Upgraded to ziggeo-client-sdk@^2.33.*
    2. Took Ziggeo initialization out of Angular Zone
  • v1.0.0
    -- Upgraded to ziggeo-client-sdk@^2.32.* to fix FireFox related bug

  • v0.3.0
    -- Downgraded to ziggeo-client-sdk@^2.31.2 as 2.32.1 still not stable version, will upgrade later

  • v0.2.0
    -- Upgraded to ziggeo-client-sdk@^2.32.1

  • v0.1.3
    -- Add Auth setting : [options]="{ ..., auth: true, ...}", by default it's false

  • v0.1.2
    -- Add locale setting : [options]="{ ..., l10n: 'de', ...}"
    -- Possibility set webrtc_streaming to true : [options]="{ ..., webrtc_streaming: true, ...}"

  • v0.1.1 -- Added screen recorder options:

      [options]="{ ...,
          allowscreen: true,
          chrome_extension_id: 'Your chrome extension ID',
          chrome_extension_install_link: 'Your link to chrome extension installation',
          opera_extension_id: 'Your opera extension ID',
          opera_extension_install_link: 'Your link to opera extension installation'

    Screen Capture is currently supported by Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

    • Firefox: Direct support -- no extensions or plugins required

    • Chrome + Opera: use extension builder located in your application manager

      Note: By default Ziggeo Chrome/Opera extension will be set to Ziggeo screen recorder extension which will be available only in localhost.
      For more info, in this url you also can find how to set your own extensions


Change text on your embedding

ngOnInit () {
    "ba-videorecorder-chooser.record-video": "Rec", //Record button
    "ba-videorecorder-controlbar.stop": "End"       //Stop button
    }, 10);