Ziggeo's Angular SDK is the ultimate video recording/playback SDK out there for Angular.

Ziggeo's Angular JavaScript SDK is managed publicly on GitHub here.

You can find a demo application on Github as well.

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  • Install all peerDependencies (Angular) including ziggeo-client-sdk.
  • Install all dependencies via npm install
  • For UMD use, you can include ZiggeoModule from ziggeo-angular package directly. Example: import {ZiggeoModule} from 'angular-ziggeo'
  • For AOT ready need to include directly from path. Example: import { ZiggeoModule } from 'root_path/node_modules/angular-ziggeo/build/ziggeo/index'

  • For production and AOT mode (starting from Angular 5), add to .angular-cli.json:

        "styles": [
        "scripts": [
  • For older versions with Webpack, please add tovendor file:
      import 'ziggeo-client-sdk/build/ziggeo.css';
      import 'ziggeo-client-sdk/build/ziggeo.js';
  • Start server with ng serve, and add parameters --prod for production and --aot for AOT.

See our working demos for Angular 5 as well as for Angular 2+4.