Code Configurator

Answer the following questions -- code will automatically be generated below.

Which revision do you intend to use?

Which language should appear on your embeddings? (e.g. "record" + "play")

  • By default our system will use the default language of the browser and fallback to English if not available.

Do you want to use our Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

  • Enabling the CDN will provide the fastest performance. Only disable in environments were the CDN might be blocked (e.g. China or particular corporate firewall).

Want WebRTC?

Use WebRTC Streaming?

  • WebRTC Streaming uploads the video data to our servers while it is being recorded, minimizing any additional upload time.

Use WebRTC Streaming if necessary?

  • Use WebRTC Streaming only if not other WebRTC recording methods are available

Use WebRTC on mobile?

  • Use WebRTC on mobile if available (experimental feature)

Want auth tokens?

  • Enabling the auth system allows you to protect your video resources using our auth tokens
  • We recommend to disable the auth system if you don't intend to use it as it will lower browser resource usage.

Want to connect Google Analytics to embeddings?

Want to enable the JS debugger?

  • This will track JS errors occurring on your site and feed them to the dashboard.