Learn how you can create interaction between your website, browser and embedding(s)

There are several ways how you can interact with your embedding, both player and recorder: methods and events

They are the best way to quickly change something like for example to stop the video from playing or to start it. They can be called from within events themselves or by you directly from your JavaScript code.

To see more about it check out the Callable Methods section.

The events are great to give you a chance to create your own code that should only fire when something specific happens. So if you want to show your own upload progress, that is easy with the progress events as they call your code when and if needed.

To see more about them, please check out the Embedding Events section.

When we want to know something related to the application, or on the application level, the application events will help with the same. They are something that you would use next to embedding events, allowing you to get even more interaction with the browser, your client that is recording video or watching video as well as our and your own code.

To see more about them, please check out the Application Events section.