Version Title Date Description
stable Latest stable build
  • Always points to the latest stable build (currently: r39)
  • Fix effect profile fallback
r41 IMA Support Dec 7, 2022
  • Remove with(obj) from templating
  • Fix Media duration on confirm
  • Multipart upload support for video file uploads
  • Configurable dom observer
  • Caching support for videos
  • Sticky-position option for player
  • Fix Safari auto play
  • Fix playback speed indicator
  • IMA support
  • Allow trim on file upload
r40 Add customization Apr 16, 2022
  • Add placeholder on process and verified screen
  • Fix localplayback
  • Fix getImageData
  • Fix Chromecast
  • Fix Firefox + Safari camera change
  • Fix VP8 codec usage on Firefox
  • Add get camera facing mode feature
  • Add audio recorder pause feature
  • Fix sizing
  • Add outsource selector for camera and mic
  • Fix localplayback after trimming
r39 Improved Sizing System Jan 24, 2021
  • Improved embedding sizing system
  • Fix re-recording recorder key
  • Fix video rotation in certain scenarios
  • Request resilience for bad connections
  • Fix poster parameter
  • Fix VP8 codec usage on Firefox
  • CPU-friendly option
  • Fix Firefox duration when recording is paused
  • Add mandatory orientation feature
  • Reduce video player minwidth and minheight
  • Add maxheight and maxwidth parameters
r38 Improved Upload Performance Jul 14, 2021
  • Improved upload performance
  • Video Trimming
r37 Remove Flash Legacy Support Feb 4, 2021
  • Allow usage of default camera app on iPad
  • Remove Flash support
  • Add option screenrecordmandatory
r36 Improved CDN Nov 21, 2020
  • Improved CDN
  • WebRTC streaming resilience
  • Fix Windows 10 Desktop Drag&Drop
  • Fix Android Camera Selection
  • Fix Player Sizing
r35 PiP + Advanced Multi Stream Handling Jun 18, 2020
  • Option to restrict mirroring in screen recording
  • Extension-free screen-recording on newer browsers
  • Picture-in-picture support for player
  • Fixed gallery bug
  • Additional stretch configuration options
  • Improve combined screen and camera recording
  • Fixed player selection of streams when a default effect profile is configured and multiple resolutions exist for it
  • Improve WebRTC streaming quality
  • Fix rerecordableifexists
  • Fix multi-stream dragging when other multi-stream parameters are set
  • Device orientation improvements
  • PiP as option
  • Aspect ratio fixes when using multi-stream
  • Covershot aspect ratio fixes
  • Improve thumbnail aspect ratios
r34 Screen + Camera recording combined Oct 9, 2019
  • Fix player fullscreen controls
  • Allow for front and back camera on mobile
  • Show duration on player button
  • Fix only audio playback
  • Screen + Camera recording combined
  • Support multiple languages for audio transcription
  • Pick thumbnails on mobile and on uploads
  • Skip initial scoped by user interaction
  • Mobile swipe on progress bar
  • HTML Popup Recorder
  • Fix change resolutions in player with multiple effect profiles
  • Fix playlist loop bug
  • Enforce SSL
  • Fix endless polling of video resource
  • Fix fullscreen change
  • Fix iOS Player Control Bar
  • Fix audio-only on some iOS devices
r33 Player Speed Setting + Fixes Dec 23, 2018
  • Fix WebAudio
  • Player Speed Setting
  • Chrome Local Playback Fix
  • Chromium Autoplay Fix
  • Repeated file upload Fix
  • Image as Poster
  • Fix repeated processed event
  • Iframe Embed Tag
  • Proper adjustment of frame rate
  • Fix audio processing
  • Fix onlyaudio attribute on video recorder
  • Fix iOS WebRTC recording
  • Fix Safari WebRTC Streaming
  • Fix Cube theme
  • Fix cover image stretch
  • Fix playermodeifexists
r32 WebRTC on Mobile + Uploading Subtitles Jul 14, 2018
  • Player iOS Fullscreen Toggling
  • Fix processing and processed events
  • Fix minor player full screen issues
  • Microphone and camera health events
  • Do not fire paused event before ended
  • Added option webrtc_streaming_if_necessary to only use webrtc_streaming if no other webrtc options are available
  • Added experimental option webrtc_on_mobile to use webrtc on mobile if available (Beta)
  • Fix audio transcription parsing for CC
  • Allow users to upload their own subtitles (Beta)
  • Feature to prevent user interaction after some time in the player
  • Autoplay is now muted by default
  • Adjustment for upcoming FF versions
  • Manual uploading option for v2
  • WebAudio warning removed
  • Cross-origin screen recording
r31 Custom Compilation Apr 28, 2018
  • V1 Recorder is now using V2 Recorder internally
  • V1 removed jQuery dependency
  • Custom Compile
  • Warn if embeds are accessed via iFrame within a non-SSL host site
  • Always fire processing and processed (even if no processing is required)
  • Track navigator language in video
  • Simulate always uses local playback
  • Force mobile orientation option
  • Control embeds via keyboard
  • Audio Transcription as subtitles
  • Audio Test Mandatory Options
  • Display Timer Option
  • Player Embed Popup Option
  • Recorder Option to record OR re-record/play depending on whether video already exists
  • Input Bind cleared after re-record
  • Store original name of video file upload
  • Enforce duration does not cause re-uploads; duration also checked on client-side if possible
  • WebRTC Streaming allows for local playback
  • Simulate works video uploads
  • Ability to restrict resolution of uploaded video
  • Improved Resilience for resolution selection
r30 Screen Recording Dec 5, 2017
  • V2 Performance Improvements
  • V1 Player now internally uses V2 Player
  • V2 Recorder option to pass through effect profile to preview player
  • V2 Popups
  • Webrtc Streaming Firefox + Edge Fix
  • Webrtc Streaming A/V Sync Correction
  • V2 Recorder experimental support for screen recording on Firefox, Chrome and Opera
  • V2 Recorder Edge Flash activation
  • V2 Player Fix no message while video being under moderation
  • Cordova Android Upload now asking for permission if required
  • V2 Sizing fixes on older browsers
  • V2 Firefox Localplayback Fix
r29 VAST, Safe Templates, Face Outline in V2, Fixes Nov 6, 2017
  • V2 Player VAST Support
  • V2 Safe Execution of Templates
  • V2 Recorder include video_data and stream_data attributes
  • V2 Recorder Face outline
  • V1 Language Support for Slavik
  • V2 Fix Autoplay on Mobile
  • Safari + Edge Recording Compatability Fix
  • V2 Uploader Fix if same file is uploaded twice in combination with reset
  • V2 Recorder Reset Fixes
  • V1 Player First Playback Fix for Safari + Firefox
  • V1 + V2 Fixed Windows Phone + IE9 + IE10 Processing
  • V2 Recorder Windows Phone V2 Recorder fix video play back after processing
  • V2 IE8-IE10 CSS Fixes
  • V2 Recorder IE8 Playback Fix
  • V2 Player Safari 5 Playback Fix
  • Safari 1 Streaming WebRTC
  • V1&V2 Analytics Tracking Fix for videos specified by key instead of token
r28 More Languages and removal of shims Sep 18, 2017
  • Language Support for Slavik, Chinese/China, Chinese/Taiwan
  • V2 Popup language encoding fix
  • Removed ES5 Shim
  • V1 WebRTC sound check fix
  • V1 Responsive Fix
r27 Airplay, Chromecast, Edge 15 Bug Workaround Jul 27, 2017
  • V2 Unify RTMP Timeout
  • Less invasive RTMP connectivity check
  • V2 Player support for Airplay + Chromecast
  • V2 Embeddings better error reporting for non-existing DOM elements
  • V2 Recorder indicate minimum recording time if provided
  • Fix for Google Analytics record_end vs record_stop
  • V2 Player optional preload
  • V2 Recorder option to skip initial screen on re-record
  • Increase resilience against user-level event errors
  • Expose delete_old_streams attribute
  • V2 add lazy-application attribute for late application initialization
  • Workaround for bug in EdgeHTML 15
  • Support for Portuguese Language
  • V2 Fix reset method while recording
  • V1 Fix Microphone Activity Method
  • V2 Support for Cancel Upload Button
r26 Auto Scroll, V2 Events, V2 Streaming WebRTC Beta Jun 12, 2017
  • V2 Player Autoplay on Scroll In and Pause on Scroll Out
  • V1+V2 RTMPT Fallbacks
  • V1+V2 Chrome & Opera HTTP Flash Fallback Fix
  • V1 Flash Recorder Hibernation Fix
  • V1 Recorder Hover Message on Buttons Fix
  • V2 Processing Events
  • V2 Recorder Destroy while security window Fix
  • V2 Languages added - Indonesian, Hindi, Azerbaijani, Tagalog, Arabic
  • Removed WebRTC MediaStream.stop() deprecated warning
  • V2 Ready Event and Embed Events
  • V2 Local Playback + Rerecord Fix + Timer Fix
  • V1 Persistent System Ready Event
  • V2 IE Player Fix
  • V1 Recorder distorted cover shots fixed
  • Debug Mode
  • V2 Manual Submit only after Verification
  • V2 Player Disable Pause and Disable Seek Settings
  • V2 Recorder Fix input-bind and form-accept
  • Display warning on insecure origins
  • V2 Streaming WebRTC Beta
  • V2 Onlyaudio Option
r25 Chrome 57 WebRTC Fix Apr 17, 2017
  • Chrome 57 + Opera 44 WebRTC Fix
  • Russian Language
  • V2 Player Sound automatically adjusted on mobile
  • V2 Theme Colors
  • V2 Player Playlist Fix / Chrome
  • V2 Player Edge Fix
  • V2 Player Share always via SSL
  • V2 Recorder handle no camera gracefully
  • Cordova iOS Select Video Fix
r24 Multi-Region Support Mar 16, 2017
  • V1&V2 Minor Fixes
  • Multi-Region Support
  • V2 Fully independent of jQuery
  • V2 Player Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus Share Buttons
  • Analytics Blocking Protection
  • Improved Upstream Resilience
  • V2 Recorder Stopping Indication
  • V2 Player Option to play full screen on mobile
  • Chrome 57 WebRTC Fix
r23 Google Analytics Support Jan 31, 2017
  • V1 Flash Recording Chrome 56 Adjustments
  • V1&V2 Google Analytics Support
  • V2 Recorder Specification of Bitrate
  • V1&V2 Cordova Support for recording length
r22 New V2 Themes Jan 4, 2017
  • V1&2 Warn about using file:// protocol
  • V2 Enable simulate mode
  • RTMP Port Check only if necessary
  • V1 Specify api token
  • V1 & V2 Remove misleading errors from JS console
  • V2 Events upload_selected
  • V2 Player support for displaying video title
  • V2 Support for all v1 locale languages
  • V2 Player themes cube, elevate, space, theatre and minimalist
  • V2 Recorder themes cube, elevate, space, theatre and minimalist
  • V2 Player add video micro-data information for SEO
  • V2 Player option to seek to starting position
  • V2 Player on iOS 10 allows auto play
  • V2 Uploader show file size limits in message and gray out unallowed files in desktop
r21 V2 Recorder to have most of V1 Features Nov 2, 2016
  • V1&2 Workaround for Firefox WebRTC Bug
  • V1&2 Submit Embed Code Information
  • V2 Input Bind, Form Accept, Reset, and Countdown Event Support
  • V1&2 Option to control microphone volume
  • V1&2 Option to mirror the web camera
  • V1&2 Option to re-record while uploading
  • V2 Option to allow custom cover shot uploads
  • V1&2 Option to display a submit button
  • V1 Recorder Workaround for Mac OS Chrome 54 Flash Flickering Race Condition
r20 Echo suppression + improved buffering Sep 27, 2016
  • V2 Player Chrome Streaming Buffering Improvement
  • V2 Always use CDN
  • V1 Re-record allows re-uploading as well
  • Include Average Rating in Video JSON
  • Fast echo suppression while testing microphone
  • Dutch language fix
r19 Device information in video object Sep 05, 2016
  • V1 Recorder Fix whitespace in title
  • V1 Recorder Re-record now allows for re-upload as well
  • V1 Recorder Access Revoked event
  • V1 Recorder Manual Upload option + event
  • V2 Player Support for external videos
  • V2 Recorder Fix microphone issues under certain configurations
  • Capturing device information to video object
r18 Resilience Improvements Aug 21, 2016
  • V1 Dutch Language Support
  • WebRTC Improved Unsupported Resolution Resilience
  • Recorder add minimum time limit
  • Improve Upload Stability
r17 Option to disable audio, HD/SD switch Aug 5, 2016
  • Recorder Improved Resilience of Access Check
  • Recorder adds options to disable the microphone
  • V2 Player HD/SD Switch
r16 More Languages Supported Jul 17, 2016
  • Recorder add access to averageFrameRate
  • Recorder trigger camera_nosignal events
  • V2 Recorder allow re-record while uploading
  • V1 Language support for Bulgarian, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish
  • V1 Recorder Simulation Fix
  • V2 Events for no_camera and no_microphone
r15 V2 Recorder WebRTC Preview Playback Jul 6, 2016
  • V2 Recorder Preview Playback
  • V1 Unresponsive Fix
  • Recorder Expose Light + Sound Level
r14 V2 Recorder Beta Version Jun 14, 2016
  • V1 Popup Hide instead of Destroy
  • V1 Recorder Improve Flash No Covershot Processing
  • V2 Recorder Beta Version
  • V1 Recorder Simulation
  • Pepperflash Silent RTMP Portcheck
r13 Flash Incognito-Mode Support May 31, 2016
  • V1 Recorder Allow Flash Incognito Mode
  • V1 Recorder Require Camera
  • Api Destroy/Delete Method Fix
r12 CDN Cache Fix, Recorder Stability Improvements May 9, 2016
  • V1 Recorder Include method for switching from upload to record and vice versa
  • V1 Re-recorder CDN Cache Fix when showing an older recording immediately after re-recording
  • V1 Recorder Flash Hibernation Event, notifying the system that Flash has been suspended by the browser
  • V1 Recorder Unresponsive Camera Detection
  • RTMP Port Background Detection
  • A/V only is handled gracefully
r11 CDN Cache Fix, Auth Token Fix Apr 30, 2016
  • V1 Player CDN Cache Fix when re-recorded videos are not displayed immediately after recording
  • V1 Recorder Recorder+Rerecorder Mode Fix when using auth tokens
r10 Finnish Translation, RTMP Stability Improvements Apr 18, 2016
  • V1 Recorder Finnish Translation
  • V1 Recorder RTMP Port Penetration Improvement
  • V1 Opera MediaRecorder Fix
r9 Google AdSense, Playlists, Processing, Port-Block Check Apr 9, 2016
  • V2 Player Google AdSense
  • V2 Player Playlist Support
  • V1 Recorder Processing Event
  • V1 Recorder Port-Block Timeout Check
  • V1 Recorder Immediate Stream Recovery for broken RTMP streams
r8 Recorder Minor Fixes Mar 30, 2016
  • V1 Flash Recorder Remove Flickering
  • V1 Flash Recorder Remove Double Create when countdown is zero
r7 CSS Fixes, Player v2 Stretch Option Mar 21, 2016
  • V1 Flash Recorder Mic / Cam Popup CSS Fixes
  • V2 Player Modern Theme Progress Bar CSS Fixes
  • V2 Player Stretch Option
r6 Recording Fixes Mar 15, 2016
  • V1 Better error-reporting for Flash recording when internet connection breaks hard
r5 Fix Chrome 49 WebRTC Mar 7, 2016
  • V1 Chrome 49 MediaRecorder Fix
r4 Player + Recorder Updates Mar 5, 2016
  • V1+2 Option to disallow fullscreen
  • V1 Rerecordings Fix Hover Message
  • V1 Fix Uploading Events
  • V1 Fix Countdown Events
  • V2 Player Effect Profile Processing
r3 Player + Recorder Updates Feb 20, 2016
  • V2 Application Base
  • V2 Player with Compatability Updates
  • V2 Player Full Support
  • V1 Rerecord Button CSS Class
  • V1 Rerecordings Count Fix Notation
  • V1 Uploading Events
  • V1 Disable Device Tests Better Visual Indication
  • V1 Catalan Language Support
  • Includes ES5-Shim
r2 Player + Recorder Updates Jan 18, 2016
  • V1 Flash recorder will now show hibernation message on Chrome
  • V1+2 Loop parameter for player
r1 Stable v1
  • Release 1 of Version 1
Earliest Stable v1
  • Release 1 of Version 1