Use your NodeJS code to make changes on the application level. This is possible through the following Video API calls.

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  • get
    Read application.
    This method returns JSON
  • update
    Update application.
    ZiggeoSdk.Application.update(arguments, [callbacks])
    1. volatile Will this object automatically be deleted if it remains empty?
    2. name Name of the application
    3. auth_token_required_for_create Require auth token for creating videos
    4. auth_token_required_for_update Require auth token for updating videos
    5. auth_token_required_for_read Require auth token for reading videos
    6. auth_token_required_for_destroy Require auth token for deleting videos
    7. client_can_index_videos Client is allowed to perform the index operation
    8. client_cannot_access_unaccepted_videos Client cannot view unaccepted videos
    9. enable_video_subpages Enable hosted video pages
    This method returns JSON
    var app_token = process.argv[2];
    var private_key = process.argv[3];
    var Ziggeo = require("../index.js");
    var ZiggeoSdk = new Ziggeo(app_token, private_key);
    var application_args = {
    	name: "Test Name", // change name of the Application
    	auth_token_required_for_create: true // set option to require auth token when creating new video.
    ZiggeoSdk.Application.update(application_args, {
    	success: function(data){
    	failure: function(data){
  • get_stats
    Read application stats
    ZiggeoSdk.Application.get_stats(arguments, [callbacks])
    1. period Optional. Can be 'year' or 'month'.
    This method returns JSON