Create and manage your meta profiles and their processes through simple API calls. You can do it through your Ziggeo account dashboard, however you can also do it through your own API calls.

It is simple, fast and bellow you can see exactly how to do it.

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  • create
    Create a new meta profile.
    ziggeo.metaProfiles().create(arguments = None)
    1. key Meta Profile profile key.
    2. title Meta Profile profile title.
    This method returns JSON
    import sys
    from Ziggeo import Ziggeo
    if(len(sys.argv) < 3):
        print ("Error\n")
    api_token = sys.argv[1]
    private_key = sys.argv[2]
    metaprofiles_title = sys.argv[3]
    ziggeo = Ziggeo(api_token, private_key)
    arguments = {}
    arguments['title'] = metaprofiles_title
    metaprofiles = ziggeo.metaProfiles().create(arguments)
  • index
    Get list of meta profiles.
    ziggeo.metaProfiles().index(arguments = None)
    1. limit Limit the number of returned meta profiles. Can be set up to 100.
    2. skip Skip the first [n] entries.
    3. reverse Reverse the order in which meta profiles are returned.
    This method returns JSON
  • get
    Get a single meta profile
    This method returns JSON
  • delete
    Delete the meta profile
  • index
    Return all processes associated with a meta profile
    This method returns JSON
  • get
    Get a single process
    ziggeo.metaProfileProcess().get(meta_token_or_key, token_or_key)
    This method returns JSON
  • delete
    Delete the process
    ziggeo.metaProfileProcess().delete(meta_token_or_key, token_or_key)
  • create_video_analysis_process
    Create a new video analysis meta process
    This method returns JSON
  • create_audio_transcription_process
    Create a new audio transcription meta process
    This method returns JSON
  • create_nsfw_process
    Create a new nsfw filter meta process
    ziggeo.metaProfileProcess().create_nsfw_process(meta_token_or_key, arguments = None)
    1. nsfw_action One of the following three: approve, reject, nothing.
    This method returns JSON
  • create_profanity_process
    Create a new profanity filter meta process
    ziggeo.metaProfileProcess().create_profanity_process(meta_token_or_key, arguments = None)
    1. profanity_action One of the following three: approve, reject, nothing.
    This method returns JSON