Ziggeo Regions

Ziggeo supports different deployment regions, and will store all your data within the selected deployment region.

Ziggeo Storage Regions

Ziggeo will store and process your data within selected deployment regions. Regions do not affect where customers can record and play videos. All videos can be recorded and played worldwide, regardless of region selected.

Region Options

  • U.S. / International: Refers to videos stored in the U.S. Recommended for those in all non-EU countries.
  • Ireland / EU : Refers to videos stored in Ireland in the EU. Recommended for those in all EU countries.
Regardless of the region you choose videos can still be recorded and played worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you support other regions?
Yes. Our next goal is to add additional region within AU Sydney region.
How do you pick regions?
We are mostly selecting our regions based on our customers feedback. So if you have a region that is interesting to you, consider raising a feature request on our feedback pages.
Can we use both regions?
Yes, and many of our customers do. You would need to create an account in both regions, and our sales team can help you with any questions and with setup of your account. To get in touch just send them an email.