Ziggeo has integrated with thousands of platforms -- and such third party sites as Heroku, WordPress, Gravity Forms, FormAssembly, SquareSpace, Bubble, and Stamplay.

Social & Sharing

Ziggeo integrates with many different types of Social Platforms. Depending on the platform different options might be available with adding video player or recorder to sharing data on the same. Make sure to check the ones of interest to see all of the options the integration offers to you.

Form Builders

Ziggeo integrates with various form builders. Make it easy for yourself to capture video, audio or image directly within your form without much change. All while you are using award winning Ziggeo service.

Content Management Systems

CMS can make a difference between easily maintaining and updating your website and your content and doing everything manually. They offer ease and ability for just about anyone to help you with the same. Even greater thing about CMS is that Ziggeo integrates with many with ease and even offers plugins / integrations for some.

Mobile Apps

Creating mobile apps with support for various media is a must if you want to be ahead of competition. Ziggeo integrates in various ways to provide you with something that can easily be added into your existing or new mobile apps.


If you are using some marketplace to help you get various systems and services easily together adding Ziggeo can be just as easy. We integrate with many different marketplaces some allowing you to just click to use Ziggeo.

Website Builders

Adding video, audio and image players and recorders has never been easier to do regardless of the website builder you are using. We already integrate with many, allowing you to easily start recording and playing back user submitted media.

Digital Storage

Ziggeo offers digital media storage, however it also offers you the ability to easily integrate with various web storage solutions and services available.

JS Libraries and Frameworks

There are various frameworks and libraries you might be using. Ziggeo integrates with many of them, making it easy to add in the way you are used to.


When you are looking to automate things you might feel like you will need a lot of programming and time to make it all set up and working for you. Truth is - there are services out there that actually make this a play with your mouse. Did you know that we integrate with some of those services? Check them out and automate your work with Ziggeo and other services you use.


There are different types of marketing as well as tools that one would need. What our focus is, is to listen to the marketing tools you use and integrate with them. Make your marketing processes and automation easier and starting today, combine them with Ziggeo for all your media needs.

No Code

Creating something always required different people to help you achieve your goals. After all there is only so much time that one has. Today, that is much easier. There are no code platforms that make it very simple for you to just drag and drop your way around and create stunning websites, apps and more - and all that without any code.


WordPress is a very well know and established Content Management System (CMS). It is most known for the quick install times, however they are also known as the CMS that is used on a large number of websites. As they state on their website, this number is 43% of the entire web. It is also known for its markeplace of plugins with plethora of different plugins to choose from. We also integrate with various plugins offered.

Ziggeo API Integrations

Ziggeo’s API and SDKs for video recording/playback has integrated with thousands of websites/platforms. Since our embeddable video recorder is white-labeled, it’s quite possible you don’t know Ziggeo is powering it.

Other integrations

Let us know if you’d like Ziggeo to integrate with your site, platform or a third party service. How? Just create your ticket on our feedback system and upvote others you like. You can see all of them here: