How to Record Videos

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How To Record a Great Video

Tips to Record Videos using the Webcam Recorder

  • Use books to raise your laptop so the camera for the video recorder is just above eye-level
  • If you are using a mobile phone to record video, hold the video at arm’s length and make sure you are not looking down at the camera
  • Place your laptop / web video recorder in front of a window (so you are looking out the window and your video webcam recorder is facing you) for best, natural light
  • Test out your video web cam to make sure it captures you with the best angle — a simple adjustment of the video recorder with webcam can make all the difference
  • Practice your video before you record with the webcam recorder
  • Now take a video with your webcam for practice and play the video for webcam — you’ll quickly see how you need to improve
  • Remember: the video recorder and video player are your friends — if you record video over and over using your own webcam recorder you’ll be able to shine for the real event
  • Do not wear sparkly jewelry that can distract from what you are saying — the video recorder online easily picks up shine and glitter.
  • Do not wear loud or jangly jewelry that can affect sound quality of the online video recorder
  • Wear solid color shirts rather than patterns or stripes when using a webcam video recorder or mobile video device
  • Speak loudly and clearly so you can be well understood — the webcam recorder needs you to clearly articulate your words so your videos can be well understood.
  • Record video in a quiet place so as to avoid any outside noises
  • Now that you’re prepared to record video online — go ahead — record a video and use that online camera — you’re ready. The web camera will love you — the player even more. You should never be afraid of that webcam recorder online again.