Why Ziggeo?

Here's why you should choose Ziggeo over any other service

  • WebRTC: Ziggeo API supports WebRTC and only uses Flash as a backup when absolutely necessary.
  • SDKs: Ziggeo has iOS and Android SDKs for video recording/playback.
  • Video Processing: Since Ziggeo does not outsource transcoding, videos are quickly transcoded and seen almost immediately.
  • Security: We have patent-pending technology that ensures videos are viewed and recorded by only those with permission.
  • Breakage Buster: If an internet connection breaks during video uploading, Ziggeo will save those videos locally and then automatically continue uploading once the internet connection is back.
  • Branding: Ziggeo is whitelabled and allows you to automatically brand videos with your own bug/brand.
  • Fine-Grained Permissions: With Ziggeo you can configure who has access to which videos.
  • Launch to Youtube and Vimeo: Captured videos can be automatically launched to YouTube.
  • Effects: Ziggeo has Instagram-like filters that can instantly transform your videos to e.g. black/white or cartoons.
  • Media Management Dashboard: You can choose to use Ziggeo’s dashboard to manage and moderate videos.
  • Hosting/Storage: Ziggeo hosts videos at one third the cost of other services.
  • Compliance and Certification: Ziggeo has certifications and is compliant to many things that make your life easier.
  • Did we say award winning? Check all of our awards.