Why Video

Why would a website choose video over written communication?

Videos Make Your Site Come Alive

  • Video personalizes your site in a way written communication can’t
  • Video offers a face and voice behind the founders, your customers and your community
  • Videos speak to you (literally!)

Videos help with SEO

  • Videos provide rich content that is favored by Google
  • Search results may include thumbnails of videos which could rise to the top of search rankings
  • With Ziggeo, the text of videos can be automatically transcribed and serve as keywords so videos become searchable

Video Recorder is Common and Accessible

  • Since most people have a video recorder on their phones or web-camera on their computer — you can use video to enhance content on your site.
  • Simply ask your community to record a video around something you care about that’s related to the site — a video review, a story on video, etc.
  • With Ziggeo, videos captured by customers’ phones or webcam video recorder — any online video recorder — can be submitted directly to you.

Videos create authenticity

  • Video creates authenticity behind your site and comments — decreasing the sense that comments are made up by bots
  • Video enhances customer services — customers can record video using their phones or webcam recorder and reveal problems that can’t be captured by written comments
  • Studies have shown that videos associated with products greatly increase the likelihood of purchase

Video Can Supplement Written Communication

  • It’s not an either/or solution: video can supplement written communication — you can give your community a choice to record video or leave a written comment.
  • Some individuals prefer to record a video over writing — others would never record a video — that’s why you want to give your community a choice
  • If you ask your community to record video online, create a compelling reason; here are a few:
    • design a contest that asks people to record a video as their entry
    • stress how helpful videos can be for others
    • ask candidates to record a video as an initial round of interviews (if they want the position, they’ll record a video)