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Dating Videos – The Unquantifiable

Sure, there’s the obvious: how they look or how they sound. But there’s something unquantifiable about what you can surmise from someone’s video. Perhaps it’s that spark as they speak. The energy that emanates from them. Or the look in their eyes as they tell you want they want. It’s nothing you can put your finger on exactly. But when you see it, you’ll know it’s there.

Folks rarely speak about that unquantifiable quality. Because it is so, well, unquantifiable. But it’s there. And with video — unlike text or photographs — you’ll get a sense of it.

Consider incorporating video into your dating app or site with Ziggeo’s video APIs and mobile SDKs. It will make an — ahem — unquantifiable difference.

Interesting Features

  1. Screen Recording
  2. Hosted Pages
  3. Playlists
  4. Video Recorder Themes
  5. Video Recorder

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