Educational and Not-For-Profit Platforms Benefit from Ziggeo’s Technology

Ziggeo’s video technology has become a favorite of not-for-profit and educational platforms.  Here are just a few examples of how Ziggeo’s technology has been used in these sectors:

  • Foundations promoting women’s empowerment capture videos from women around the world  (in fact, it was shown that the mere fact of asking women to record videos asking for their opinion was viewed as an act of empowerment).  
  • Crowdfunding platforms that capture video updates for the benefit of not for profits (Crowdrise found video updates from our SaaS solution tripled campaign revenue) .
  • Training platforms capture videos to teach best practices
  • Foreign language platforms use our SaaS solution to give feedback on fluency and pronunciation
  • Verification of test-taking via Ziggeo’s technology can ensure that long-distance learners get credit for tests they take
  • Admissions into programs and classes can be streamlined by requesting students submit videos
  • Scholarships can be awarded based on oral answers to questions — powered of course by Ziggeo’s video recording and playback technology

And that’s just a taste of ways in which educational and not-for-profit platforms can benefit from Ziggeo’s API and SaaS video technology.

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