Engineers Are Superior Beings

Ziggeo‘s engineers drafted this month’s newsletter. They say they only speak the truth.

Dev Alert

HTTP without SSL is deprecated. Update your website to SSL asap to avoid uninterrupted video recording. Here’s the deal: Chrome 60 now declines access to the camera when being accessed via HTTP. Other browsers expected to follow suit. Install SSL now.

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WebRTC Streaming

Introducing WebRTC streaming. Video uploading and transcoding can begin as soon as recording starts. Ideal for longer videos and videos that won’t be rerecorded. Engineers did that. Our idea. Our execution. Sure was.

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Automatic Play With Scrolling

Program videos to automatically play while being scrolled over. Think: scrolling over Facebook videos. Queue: pat on the back for us engineers.

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Watch Ziggeo’s previously recorded webinars or sign up for our upcoming one:¬†Wed., Jul 19 at 11am ET: Advanced Transcoding

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