Exchanging Video Messages Can Change the World

Ziggeo’s SaaS product brings the world closer, educates the world, and provides empathy at a time the world most needs it.   By exchanging video messages or sharing video stories, we can instantly get a sense of people living in completely different parts of the world.  Although others may not look or sound exactly like us, by seeing and hearing from each other – and reading facial gestures and hearing tones of voice – empathy can easily be built.  In fact, it’s much easier to empathize with someone whom one sees first hand speaking — than with an anonymous person whose writings we read.  We are hard-wired (dating back from caveman times) to read people’s facial expressions — and to immediately know if that person is trust-worthy.  Even though we can’t meet everyone in person, the next best step in building understanding is by hearing and seeing them on video.  Exchanging video messages can indeed change the world.  


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