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How to Install our Recruiting Tool (on Heroku)

If you want to install our open source recruiting tool yourself, here is how to do it:

  1. Obtain our code
    1. Clone our repository into an empty directory.
    2. Delete .git directory
  2. Obtain Heroku
    1. Go to Heroku and create an account
    2. Create a Heroku application
    3. Add a Credit Card
    4. Add MongoLab Addon
    5. Install the Heroku Toolbelt
  3. Obtain Ziggeo
    1. Go to Ziggeo and create an account.
  4. Configure Repository
    1. In your directory, start with git init
    2. heroku accounts:add yourappname –auto
    3. heroku accounts:set yourappname
    4. heroku git:remote -a yourappname –account yourappname
  5. Configure Keys
    1. Open settings.py in an editor
    2. Change COOKIE_SECRET to something random
    3. Run heroku config to obtain DB_NAME, MONGODB_URL.
    4. Go to the Ziggeo application to obtain ZIGGEO_TOKEN.
  6. Customize Application by changing the source code.
    1. Change the title in settings.py
    2. Add your administrators to settings.py
    3. Open the template files to change the overall look and the questions.
  7. Push to production
    1. git add .
    2. git commit -a -m “Initial Commit”
    3. git push heroku master
Interesting Features

  1. Video Analytics
  2. DropBox Integration
  3. Video Recorder Themes
  4. DropBox Integration
  5. Dashboard

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