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Life Hacks + Ziggeo Hacks

Bizzeo at Ziggeo

We’ve been busy this month launching Twitter and Tumblr embeds, a customizable dashboard, a Ziggeo certificates program, a JavaScript custom compilation, audio transcription as subtitles, a timelineand roadmap. Read more about these releases below. But first… check out a few of our favorite life hacks.

Life Hacks

From Oliver:

  • Do Not Pick Up:  I finally found a way to avoid those annoying sales calls — I’ve programmed my phone to flash a “Do Not Pick Up” message for any numbers I don’t want to deal with. Mom, don’t worry, you’re not on that list.
  • Busted: I thought I was so clever wearing headphones on flights, nodding to imaginary music to avoid speaking to my seatmates. That is, until one time, my seatmate spotted a dangling cord and suggested I might first want to plug in my headphones. Busted.

From Susan:

  • Carry-on only: Three weeks touring Southeast Asia — a week-long ski trip to Europe — any trip I take nowadays: all carry-on only.  Saved myself endless torment with not having to worry about lost bags. Yes, it is possible.
  • Demonstrating?  I was reminded of this hack at the recent March for Our Lives. If you’re planning on demonstrating, ditch any bags (which may be searched) and take a jacket with huge pockets that zip. You can stash all your belongings there, even clothes for an overnight (I did that for the Women’s March in D.C.)

Ziggeo Hacks

Twitter and Tumblr Embeds

Ziggeo’s technology can now be embedded into both Twitter and Tumblr. That’s just two of our new oEmbed supported services.

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Customizable Dashboard

Want your dashboard to show a particular view? Not be bogged down by extraneous information? You can now customize your personal Ziggeo dashboard.

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Ziggeo Certification

Want to become a Ziggeo-certified engineer? We’ve now launched a Ziggeo certification program for those proficient in Ziggeo’s technology. Apply to earn a Ziggeo certification badge.

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JavaScript Custom Compile

Bundle BetaJS and Ziggeo on your own via our new compilation script. You’ll be able to inject additional javascript layers or remove parts you don’t need.

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Audio Transcription as Subtitles

Ziggeo’s video player now supports subtitles via automatic transcription. Videos can be automatically transcribed into text, with text showing up as subtitles within the player.

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Curious about Ziggeo’s milestones and achievements over the years? Check them out.

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Want to hear which features are coming up on Ziggeo’s roadmap? We’ve got you covered.

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Interesting Features

  1. Screen Recording
  2. Transcoding
  3. WebRTC Video
  4. Video Uploads
  5. Black White

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