Recorded, Asynchronous Video: The New, Hot Communication

Up to this point, video has been adopted by our culture in one of 3 ways -- one for entertainment (think of all those cat videos), one for live communication (i.e. Skype and more recently Meerkat and Periscope) -- and one for education (think Khan Academy).

But now slowly, the new form of video that’s emerging is asynchronous or recorded video used for communication. This new form of communication has recently become popular in the recruitment realm. Candidates record videos for potential employers to view so they can figure out who might be the best fit for the position. Casting, similarly, is starting turning to video to pre-screen actors and performers before bringing them into a live audition.

And then there’s recorded video communication between 2 people. Video profiles or recorded video messages are starting to be adopted by corporations and dating sites to get a quick sense of another person. It’s time-efficient and personal at the same time.

And finally, video testimonials and video reviews are ideal for getting a sense of a product or service from someone easily judged to be trustworthy or not.

Recorded, asynchronous video is the new form of video communication we anticipate being adopted broadly.