Video Recorder 2.0 Released

We're sizzling this summer. We've just released our Video Recorder 2.0 which has taken our technology to a whole new level. And like our video player, our new video recorder has just been open-sourced.

Video Recorder 2.0 Released

To match our Video Player 2.0 we've just released a new video recorder. It's the first responsive embeddable video recorder that can be fully designed and customized. It continues to support WebRTC / HTML5  and can record/play videos across all mobile devices and browsers. Read more.

Video Recorder

Video Recorder Open-Sourced

You can find an open-sourced version of our video recorder at

That complements our open-sourced video player previously released.

Wordpress Plugin Updates

We've added new features to our Wordpress plugin, including a video gallery template that looks like this:

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