Video to GIF – in a jiff

We know you wanted to get the ability of turning your videos into short GIF images. True, gif is not efficient, takes a lot of memory and resources. Still who can resist its ease of copy pasting into the email and having it just work as other images do.

While video offers much better encoding this is one place where GIF is much better.

From now on - well you can have your videos and your gif just as well. All you need to do is to create effect profile that will do it all for you.

How does it work

There is no parameter needed (other than providing effect profile token or key). As you do that the effect profile will create the gif image resource for you.

First you will need to create an effect profile. You can see here how to do that: /docs/dashboard/profiles/effect-profiles/create-and-manage

Now as you create it, you will see the new options for "image only". You would need to click on this type of process to be able to get the gif transcoding process.

At this time you can not combine the GIF transcoding with other watermarks or effects.

You do not have any other options to set. Every time new video comes in and has this effect a GIF will be made with the first 5 seconds of the video.

Additional GIF options

At the moment we do not have any additional options for GIF. However if you would like to suggest any we are happy to hear about them. Head over to our feedback page: https://feedback./ and start adding your feature requests.