Zapier Officially Launches Ziggeo Integration

Ziggeo’s Video API is now widely available via Zapier. What’s Zapier? It’s a web-based service that lets you integrate web applications. See also Zapier’s announcement here.

How can this integration help help you? Well, for instance, if videos are submitted to your Dropbox, they can be automatically pushed to Ziggeo via Zapier. Or vice versa: videos submitted to Ziggeo can be automatically pushed to your Dropbox. And that’s just one (or rather two) examples.

Same can be done with Google Drive, Box — or you can combine with email or gmail. It’s ideal for rapid prototyping.

How do I get started? Click here to install Ziggeo on Zapier or check out our documentation – integration start to finish or choose one of the following pre-made templates.

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