Ziggeo Demos for Crowd at New York Tech Meetup

Last night Ziggeo presented at New York Tech Meetup and demo'd our newly released API in public for the first time. To frame the demo, we explained the pain point we were trying to solve.  Here's the scenario we painted: we understand that we all at some point have really wanted something.  Maybe it was an internship, a job, or even a date.  We knew we were up against hundreds, maybe even thousands of others. But all they saw was us on paper (and no surprise, we never heard back).  That's because if we're honest, we'd admit we look a lot like the others, at least on paper (similar background, similar schools, similar interests).   We also know that if they could only meet us -- see our energy, our passion, our drive, that would make all the difference; we could set ourselves apart from everyone else. We know it's not possible to meet everyone, but at Ziggeo we've created the next best thing.  We've harnessed the power of video so you can set yourself apart from everyone else.  Others can now "meet" you in video profiles, video comments, video messages or video reviews -- all showing who you really are, beyond mere written words. Our API for video recording and playback can be integrated into every site, service or platform with 2 lines of code, and you can do it in a way that's simple and affordable.