Ziggeo Offers the Best Video Cloud SaaS Solution for Advertising (and Beyond)

Ziggeo offers the best and most comprehensive SaaS solution for asynchronous video in advertising (including the recording, transcoding, playback and hosting of videos). It is also the securest solution for capturing videos (i.e. those videos you do not yet want to make public), offering a patent-pending token security system superior to any of its competitors. With APIs and mobile SDKs, Ziggeo’s technology may be used by other cloud-based solutions as a value-add — or simply any advertising agency looking for a technological solution for capturing e.g. user-generated videos. Ziggeo’s technology seamlessly plugs in to any site or platform — so for instance, videos can be recorded and directly from any brand’s site.
Ziggeo not only supports advertising but a wide variety of other industries, from advertising and recruitment to crowdfunding, journalism and education — any sector that needs an easy way to record and play videos.

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