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Ziggeo Powers Identity Verification for Financial Transactions

Identity verification for financial transactions is proving to be an ideal use case for Ziggeo’s technology.

Guidelines for financial institutions are making it officially more acceptable to use video for verification purposes.
For instance, guidelines for FINMA (The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) specifically allow for video verification.

We are seeing financial institutions turn to Ziggeo’s video technology to power such verification. Imagine: capturing a video of someone holding up their passport, speaking their name, and being able to store that video for future proof of verification — it all becomes easy tasks with Ziggeo’s technology.

Given that Ziggeo’s technology was originally designed with security in mind, Ziggeo has the best in class video security measures built into its technology. For instance, permissions can be set to limit who can record and submit videos. And once captured, videos can immediately be pushed to any S3 bucket.

For more information on Ziggeo, see here.

Interesting Features

  1. Notifications
  2. Standard Definition
  3. Video Streaming
  4. Filter Effects
  5. Android SDK

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