Ziggeo Scores Another First

Launch of Deep Video Analytics

Think of our new video analytics as kind of snooping. But not really. We can tell you which devices were used to record or play videos, where those videos were recorded or played — even which language was used in the process. Oh and we can tell you how sticky pages with videos are. We’re opening up these analytics to everyone for the first month -- so check into your dashboard to see what’s happening. Read More

LinkedIn Embed

Who doesn’t want LinkedIn posts to look just right? And have that certain je ne sais quoi. Ziggeo’s player can now be embedded in LinkedIn posts. You can program continuous looping, embed links to your own website, install ads with your own pre-rolls and post-rolls, or even feature silent videos. Shhhhh. Read More

Server SDKs Handle Bulk Operations

Ziggeo’s server-SDKs handle bulk operations (oh, ok, you read that in the title). Want to read more? Not to be redundant, but… Read More

Keyboard Control Helps the Visually Impaired

We’ve now installed keyboard control with no mouse required. How’s that helpful? Blind and visually impaired folks can control a video recorder and player without using a mouse — and screen readers can read the different controls out loud and activate them accordingly. Seriously helpful. Read More