Ziggeo: Solving Technology Challenges is Our Business

Ziggeo has created simple solutions to complex problems.  Here’s how we’ve solved a number of technology challenges:

  1.  We’ve ensured hackers can’t view videos without permission (a real technology challenge).  

            •    We solved this problem by creating a patent-pending token-based system in which permission must be granted on a per user and per video basis.  This process is done on a programmatic basis which means that permission can be granted automatically.  

  1.  We solved the long lag time between when videos were recorded and when the site was once again useable (originally, videos had to be  completely uploaded and then transcoded before the process was finished and the site useable).    

             •    We solved that problem by developing technology that made it possible for transcoding to begin as soon as any part of a video hit our server; as such, it’s become a much faster process. 

  1.   Another challenge we encountered is that companies situated in the EU must conform to EU privacy laws that dictate that any data generated by European clients must stay within EU borders. 

             •   We solved this problem by building separate SaaS solution for EU-based clients in which data stays entirely within the EU.         

        4.  Another challenge is to ensure reliability.  We ensure all data is backed up. We also make sure our systems are fully and automatically scalable by microservice-based architecture and CDNs. Finally, we’ve ensured that we’re resilient against degraded performance of underlying cloud services.  As such, when AWS SQS was down, Ziggeo’s service remained unaffected.


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