Ziggeo: The Best Video Player

Here are 5 reasons Ziggeo has the best video player on the market:

  • Security: Ziggeo’s video player and patent-pending technology ensures videos are hacker-proof.
  • Facebook-Approved: Ziggeo’s video player has been approved by Facebook which means selected videos can be shared via Facebook as desired.
  • WebRTC- Ziggeo’s video player supports WebRTC with an automatic fallback to Flash when necessary.
  • Responsive – Ziggeo’s video player is automatically responsive. Black lines or blurred out areas do not show up when video is recorded on mobile device and played on a different device with different dimensions.
  • Best Transcoder – Ziggeo’s transcoder automatically transcodes videos to desired formats (with suggested default formats pre-set) and ensures there is no wait time as videos are transcoded in the background.

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