Ziggeo: the Best Video SaaS Solution for Journalism and Beyond

In the past, reporters and journalism platforms have had difficulty easy capturing (recording) and managing videos from a variety of different sources. Until now. Ziggeo offers the most comprehensive SaaS solution for asynchronous (that is, recorded) videos (including the recording, transcoding, playback and hosting of videos). It is also the securest solution, offering a patent-pending token security system superior to any of its competitors. As such, videos remain secure within our platform until made publicly available (easily done via your own personal dashboard) — or hooked up to your own system.

Imagine: capturing user-generated videos from anywhere in the world — videos that are recorded from any device and then submitted directly to your own personal dashboard (or to wherever you want those videos sent).

With APIs and mobile SDKs, Ziggeo’s technology is used by other cloud-based solutions as a value-add; our technology seamlessly plugs in to any site or platform. As such, it supports a wide variety of industries, from journalism and recruitment to crowdfunding, and advertising and education — any sector that needs an easy way to record and play videos.

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