Ziggeo’s Technology Enables Understanding Among Citizens of Different Countries

In today’s world, with so much misunderstanding, it’s critical we build bridges of understanding and empathy.  In designing Ziggeo, we’ve made sure that our video solution builds connections and bridges between and among people who live in completely different parts of the world — and can do so in just a few seconds. Our video technology has become in fact a seminal building block that’s enabled platforms around the world to easily capture and showcase video stories.  So people can see, hear and share stories with one another.  

Ziggeo was created to solve our own problem of wanting to capture the essence of people for a platform that creates opportunities for people — we realized video could level the playing field and in effect give everyone an opportunity to be seen and heard. Since no SaaS video solution existed we needed to build our own solution.  We quickly realized our solution could lend a face and voice to those who might be faceless and voiceless.  So rather than pursuing our own platform we released a SaaS solution so others could use it as way to capture faces and voices from their own communities.

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