Video Analytics

Deep Video Analytics done right, in the way that best helps you evolve your own system and better understand your customers.

Analytics Uses

  • Devices on which videos were recorded (mobile vs desktop)
  • Devices on which videos were played (mobile vs desktop)
  • Location where videos were recorded
  • Location where videos were played
  • Recordings by language (detects language of browser)
  • Playbacks by language (detects language of browser)
  • Top played videos
  • Top referral URLs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Analytics available to all plans?
Analytics are complex in nature and are not interesting to everyone in same way, so our deep video analytics are only available on some plans. You can see where it is available on our pricing page. For plans that do not have our deep analytics there is an option of using Google Analytics instead.
Is Analytics data available after switching to plan that supports it?
We do not collect the analytics data for you if your plan does not support it. Once you switch to a new plan that does support it we will start capturing the information for you.
Where can I find the analytics data?
You can retrieve it through our API calls as well as to see it through Analytics page in your dashboard. Both are available for you per application, making it easy to focus only on the applications of interest.