Normalization of Audio

Ziggeo supports audio normalization which equalizes a video's audio and ensures all videos have the same quality sound -- ideal for when videos are grouped or stitched together

What is audio normalization?

Ziggeo transcoding system lets you configure audio normalization. Here’s the scoop:
  • Audio normalization is a process to equalize the audio of a video
  • All your videos are of the same volume
Here’s how it’s helpful:
  • If videos are being displayed or stitched together, it’s important they have a consistent sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need normalization if we are not stitching videos together?
As all of our features, this is completely up to you. We recommend using it to make your videos sound more professional. For example, imagine someone having issues with their mic and then often you hear a loud spike in sound. It lasts for a moment yet it is enough for you to want to take your headphones off.
How do we activate audio normalization?
The audio normalization can be found under your video profile settings.