Audio Transcription

We use state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to transform the speech into text, and make it available to you.

How does it work?

  • Manage your application on Ziggeo and create a new meta profile.
  • Apply this meta profile to your video recorder’s by adding the meta-profile parameter.
  • Videos tagged with this meta profile are now automatically transcribed after being recorded.
  • Audio Transcription can be used as closed-captioning on the video player

Supported languages

We support the following languages:
  • nl-NL: Dutch
  • en-US: English US
  • en-UK: English UK
  • fr-FR: French
  • de-DE: German
  • it-IT: Italian
  • pt-BR: Portuguese Brazil
  • es-ES: Spain, Spainish
  • es-LA: Spain, Latin A
By default, Ziggeo’s audio transcription assumes US English. You can customize the selection of the supported languages as follows:
<ziggeorecorder ... ziggeo-meta-profile="..." ziggeo-transcript-language="de-DE"></ziggeorecorder>
You can also let our system auto-detect the language:
<ziggeorecorder ... ziggeo-meta-profile="..." ziggeo-transcript-language="auto"></ziggeorecorder>


Consider this example video: Here, the automatic audio transcription would yield:

I’m Elise and I’m a bit of a coffee snob some usually found in fancy coffee shops or out of the park with my dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

If set to auto, will that transcribe all videos into all languages that are found within it?
If set to auto the first language that is recognized will be used for entire transcription process.
Will audio transcriptions be shown as subtitles on my players automatically?
By default we are not showing them. This is only shown if you want to do that. To do that, you would add the audio-transcription-as-subtitles (boolean) parameter to your embedding.