Ziggeo = Easiest way to capture and playback the sounds of your community

Easiest way to capture the sounds

Quality of audio is quite important. This is definitely one of the factors in sorting out audio files. Format can play a role as well. Some players do not support all formats, so this needs to be thought of as well. Was something recorded from Vinyl using mic or specialized hardware. So many questions over just handling your audio files.

This is why many people opt for Ziggeo

  • Efficient at what it does
  • Does it really good
  • Makes it simple for you to use
  • Intuitive and easy to use by people of all ages and backgrounds

Using Ziggeo for Audio

  • Can be used to capture audio
  • Can be used to host and play back audio
  • Ready to accept many different audio file formats
  • Additional functionality not offered by classic audio players

Who is it for

Ziggeo has created video and audio API to be utilized by services. Want to create next Spotify or SoundCloud yet you do not want to host all the different servers? Start using Ziggeo and do just that. With Ziggeo all you need is to think about your own service, its design and marketing. We do all the audio handling for you! It does not stop there, utilize our meta profiles to quickly have the text extracted from your audio files. It makes it easy to read the spoken words and have the text ready for your pages. It does not however stop there, there is more..

Audio with Ziggeo on your website

You can do this right this moment if you wanted. It is fast and simple and mostly just a few bits of code you would copy and paste (once). The audio player would look as simple as: and you get the audio by recording or uploading one with a code as simple as:

How do we do it

We store all of your audio files into one of your applications. You pick which application and you can add some additional details with your audio files. For example if you wanted to add audio quality or source, you could add it through tags. In return our system provides you with a simple string that we call audio token. That single short string is a unique identifier of your audio file within our system and it is the only thing you need to save on your side. No more need to handle large files, planning the storage structure or any of that.

How can you start?

Start with a free trial and see just how easy it is to get started. Any specific customization or details come your way just reach out to our friendly support team at to help you get things in motion.