Black / White Effect

Give your videos an artistic, even vintage look by turning them black and white -- automatically -- with Ziggeo's Video Effect Converter. You can enable the black/white effect from your Ziggeo dashboard with a click of a button by creating an effect profile.

What does that mean?

The Black/White effect is an Instagram-like video filter that transforms color videos into black/white videos.
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Benefits of the Black / White Effect

  • We all look better in black and white with fewer visible lines and marks. Use the black and white filter to improve individuals appearances.
  • Convert videos to black & white so they automatically take on a uniform look; this will improve the look of your overall video collection when viewed as a whole.
  • Black & White videos create a certain artistic or vintage look, which give your videos a more tasteful appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we apply this effect to longer videos?
This example is set to short time of 10 seconds just for demo purposes. You would have the same experience with longer videos and we welcome you to try it as well.
Do you have other effects that can be applied?
Yes, there are several different effects that you can apply to your videos. You can see more of them on our filter effects page.
Will you be adding additional effects?
Yes, we will. We are always looking to expend our features and welcome feedback and new feature requests. You can see existing and add your own on our feedback page.