Box Integration

Push recorded videos automatically to your Box account.

Push Videos to Box

Autopush videos to your Box account. That will allow you to:
  • Keep all recorded videos together in your Box account
  • Sync videos to your devices

How It Works

  • Go to your application management.
  • Select Video Push Service.
  • Authenticate your Box account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I push the same video multiple times?
Yes. Our push service is designed to push it automatically once the media is ready. If you want, you can quite easily push the same media any number of times that you need to.
What kind of push options are we offered?
You can have the push service work for you through autopush setup. If you prefer, you can manually log into your Ziggeo account and push from the dashboard any number of times by clicking few options. There is also third option where you can set up your own code to push the video over.
Is there an example how we could use this?
One of the ways how this is used is to provide your customers or end users option to push something to your own accounts such as Box or even YouTube without them seeing the code. Not only does it look professional, they do not even need to make the Box account to send media your way.