The Breakage Buster

Ziggeo has created The Breakage Buster which prevents you from losing videos during the recording process if you suddenly lose connection.

What are Resumable Uploads (aka The Breakage Buster)?

Resumable uploads — what we call The Breakage Buster — ensures that if an Internet connection is lost while videos are recorded or uploaded, videos won’t be lost. Instead, videos will be saved locally and will automatically be submitted once an Internet Connection is back up and running.

What does that mean?

Here’s how our Resumable Uploads work:

  • You start recording or uploading videos
  • You suddenly lose internet connection
  • The Breakage Buster goes into Action
  • It caches your recording locally
  • Once you have internet connection, videos are automatically submitted
  • Locally saved videos by the Breakage Buster are automatically deleted (note: videos saved by you locally remain in tact)

Intended Use

The Breakage Buster is intended for:

  • Anyone who experiences a loss of internet connection while recording or uploading
  • Field journalists in remote areas who record or upload videos on the fly